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Whether I'm working with you on individual counseling or couples counseling, my work is guided by a consistent set of guiding principles.

Guiding Principles

Principles that guide me in my counseling practice with individuals and couples:

  • Results oriented. I focus on helping you address the concerns that bring you to therapy as quickly as is practically possible, while also focusing on the personal growth that you may need in order to address your concerns.
  • The therapeutic alliance and therapeutic relationship are vital to my work. These principles guide me toward caring, empathy, support and supportive confrontation in my work with you.
  • My principles guide me to adapt the perspectives and methods I've learned to develop the style of therapy that will work best for you.
  • I work from a humanistic model where I see you as being on various spectrums of development and growth. The humanistic model is distinct from the medical model which focuses on pathology or illness.
  • Humanistic principles guide me to give primary attention to your lived experience, to your wishes and intentions, your self-understanding, needs and personal growth.
  • Much of my work focuses on your here-and-now experience during sessions. I encourage you to focus on your actual lived moment and encourage you to use it to develop further self-understanding. I utilize focusing and inward searching in my here-and-now methods.

Individual Counseling

I work with you in individual counseling to come to terms with the concerns that brought you to seek counseling and to develop your skills and resources so that you find a satisfying resolution. I want to see you address your concerns as quickly as you're able while pursuing the personal growth work that you may need to resolve them. I often find my clients visiting a variety of different life themes and life's givens in the course of their work.

Couples Counseling

My couples counseling methods follow the same humanistic principles listed above, adapted for couples counseling and informed by attachment theory. I also integrate other perspectives relevant to the couples and partnering context.

Questions About My Portland Counseling Services?

You can read more about my background, perspectives in counseling therapy, and my Portland Therapist Blog at the navbar links above. Questions? You can send me email or find me by phone to (503)780-3865.

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" Remember then: there is only one time that is important - Now! It is the most important time because it is the only time when we have any power. "

Tolstoy, from What Men Live By and Other Tales

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